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Songs of the Young Sinclairs

The Young Sinclairs


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1. Darling +1 WAV +1 FLAC
2. Canceled Flight +1 WAV +1 FLAC
3. Engineer Man +1 WAV +1 FLAC
4. Thanks Paul Horn +1 WAV +1 FLAC
5. Blessed Blackness +1 WAV +1 FLAC
6. Tough Face +1 WAV +1 FLAC
7. It's Real & It's The End +1 WAV +1 FLAC
8. Tribe +1 WAV +1 FLAC
9. The Most Impressive +1 WAV +1 FLAC
10. Up Against The Wall +1 WAV +1 FLAC
11. They're Not Writing +1 WAV +1 FLAC
12. Honeysuckle, Rose, & Pumpkin +1 WAV +1 FLAC
13. Talisman +1 WAV +1 FLAC
14. Don't Be Scared +1 WAV +1 FLAC
15. Llama Farm (Emblems) +1 WAV +1 FLAC
16. Send Me A Dream +1 WAV +1 FLAC
17. Help You Decide +1 WAV +1 FLAC

The Young Sinclairs made their debut on wax with this vinyl-only anthology LP, released in conjunction with Kindercore Records in 2009. It's a collection of standout fave cuts from all their self-released albums, plus a few exclusive tracks and rarities thrown in for good measure. Most of the material here was recorded in the 2005-2007 period and was originally only available on now out-of-print homebrew CD-R's and cassettes directly from the band. All songs recorded and mixed in Roanoke, VA in the band's own studio, The Mystic Fortress. Feel the sounds of 12-string guitars, vaccum tubes, spring reverb, tambourines and sparkling drum kits rumble underneath soaring melodic vocals that float effortlessly and hover atop the music like a heartbroken angel.

"Their music is jangly, upbeat, lyrically clever and melodically infused with the spirit of 1960s-pop rock. Their tunes, shimmering and feather-light, are draped in reverb and nostalgia. Much of the album is gentler and more purposefully restrained than a number of the other new artists presently trafficing in reverb-drenched 1960's pop, which gives The Songs of the Young Sinclairs a more definitive purpose." - Turntable Kitchen

"The jangly, psychedelia-inflected folk is executed with tasty precision, and the subtly tinny production often approaches a period-piece-esque accuracy that could fool all but the most attentive 60's fetishists. It's certainly an album that's about its individual songs, as these typically short nuggets are designed to stand on their own. There's plenty to pick from here -- and this might be the best thing about the record. Almost every song on this seventeen-track LP has something warm and glorious about it." - Michael Tau, Indieville