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The Young Sinclairs


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1. Forever After +1 WAV +1 FLAC
2. Didn't You Baby +1 WAV +1 FLAC
3. (I Need You) To Be Strong +1 WAV +1 FLAC
4. Kidding Yourself +1 WAV +1 FLAC
5. Kind Of Soul +1 WAV +1 FLAC
6. Have A Home +1 WAV +1 FLAC
7. Open One +1 WAV +1 FLAC
8. Push Down On You +1 WAV +1 FLAC
9. You Can Have Her +1 WAV +1 FLAC
10. I'll Get Even +1 WAV +1 FLAC
11. We Spoke Our Minds +1 WAV +1 FLAC
12. I'm Not Sorry +1 WAV +1 FLAC
13. Future Man +1 WAV +1 FLAC

This is The Young Sinclairs' vinyl-only sophomore LP, recorded in the summer of 2009 and released in conjunction with Chimney Sweep Records in 2010. It's 13 songs from the heart, for the heart - on purple vinyl! "Chimeys" (not 'chimneys') is a word created by the band that perfectly describes this fully-realised, highly-refined collection of the band's inimitable brand of chiming 12-string fueled Rock & Roll. The sound quality and strength of the songwriting on this record is astounding in its focus. Hear The Young Sinclairs take it to the next level - put this purple platter on your turntable and go there with 'em!

"The embellishments on the songs are few; the Sinclairs typically stay true to their album title with bright, chiming guitars and lots and lots of hi-hat/tambourine, while the bass sounds warm and expansive. The familiar psychedelic grab bag of effects is used sparingly enough that it still excites, and the overall vibe is one of the evening in late '65 before psychedelia hit. The reverbed vocals are never over the top like a good deal of modern 60s pop imitators, which is fortunate, as these guys are actually quite talented singers and don't need to bury their voices under all that fuzz." - KVRX Radio, Austin, TX

"This Virginia band is all about the jangle, the wistful voices and the unspoken promise that nothing here is going to get too heavy: in a musical sense at least. The words on the other hand, more often than not, come across as a hurt, scarred and heartfelt narrative. It's clear that the warm infectious guitar picking that pushes each track forward in elegant and unobtrusive fashion is nothing more than a distraction: a feel-good decoy drawing your attention from the deep emotional turmoil, or the bitter experiences being spewed out. The circling guitars, rolling rhythms and rounded bass all beat along in time with bands gone by, The Byrds mainly, but others too." - Bowlegs Music