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On Plastic

The Flavor Crystals


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1. Checker Board +1 WAV +1 FLAC
2. Poolja +1 WAV +1 FLAC
3. Sand and Foam +1 WAV +1 FLAC
4. Square Bales +1 WAV +1 FLAC
5. Sheep +1 WAV +1 FLAC
6. Poblano +1 WAV +1 FLAC
7. Underwater Art +1 WAV +1 FLAC
8. Milky Way +1 WAV +1 FLAC

"The second Flavor Crystals album comes drenched in delicious reverbed guitars, a quietly attractive aural tension and a definite lack of anything approaching urgency. Their wonderfully lethargic atmospherics combined with intertwining guitars summoning up a weird splicing of a mildly opiated Television and the textures of a faintly withdrawn Mercury Rev. Singer Josh Richardson adding those laconically whispy, barely-there vocals that exist more for atmospherics than to stand above the sound or make proclamations. However, the whole album has an attractively loose and spontaneous feel, but without the wild left turns or indulgences that sometimes goes arm in arm with that approach. Sublime title track 'Ambergris' possesses the kind of reverb-drenched delicacy one could get lost in for days, while 'Guppython' and 'Tsar Bomba' quietly become loveable via some gorgeously ambiguous lead guitar lines. Being slightly mono-paced, and with each track following a fairly similar blueprint much of 'Ambergris' drifts by in a faintly anonymous, if very pleasant, haze of almost dream-like resonance. One things for sure though, at the end the repeat button will seem like a very attractive option." - Americana UK