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The Blue Angel Lounge


1. Narcotica
2. Caught Crow
3. Bewitch My Senses
4. Son Of The Ocean
5. Corona
6. Delete My Ideals
7. Secure Existence
8. Street And Exile
9. Darklands
10. New Gandhi
11. I Will Never

The brand new 2nd album by  Germany's Blue Angel Lounge, co-produced by Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre). Here is one of the very first reviews by Lady Godiva (Reverberation Blog).

[Narcotic, ancient greek for « stupor », more commonly used to define plant-derived medicines that put people into a stupor, often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain, extensive use can lead to addiction.]
Moony and intoxicating, Narcotica is a unique substance made of purely addictive material hailing from Germany. Following a promising self-titled and self-produced debut album, The Blue Angel Lounge is back with a mystifying sophomore record delivered in Berlin and partly produced by Anton Newcombe.
Timeless and out of this world, the Blue Angels are a group of knights in shining armour straight out of an epic fairy tale which is romantic and eerie at the same time. All along their new uncanny adventures, the Angels have spirits, wizards and Mother Nature on their side and have to fight off evil power through an eventful journey to the darklands.
Just listen to their princely troubadour sounds, each chord sets a unique tone and a hazy and dreamlike atmosphere that sweeps you right away into an imaginary world where you will cross paths with some colorful characters and creatures. “The son of the ocean” is like a miraculous elixir of ancient white magic made by a thousand fairies.
Miles and years away from the Blue Angel Lounge club in NYC, the psychedelic brotherhood captures hearts with its spellbinbding yarn laced with poetry.
Throughout the expedition, one will also experience some definite incantation, visions and hallucinations leading to a major epiphany. If these moonchildren’s magnetism doesn’t bewitch your senses”, you are most likely void of a true body and soul…
In the epic “Corona”, the Blue Angels seem to be challenged to a duel with the kingdom’s villain, then the staggering “Delete My Ideals” holds a sonic climax in the record and reaches a turning point in the story.
The road remains epic and sinuous till the end, paved with dragons, witches and divine creatures and sprinkled with bitter sweet harmony. At first, “Street & Exile” sounds oddly reminiscent of The Black Angels’ “18 years” but it all changes radically after the intro.
Having reached their final destination, the album's conclusion “I Will Never” gets mystically haunting and keeps you in orbit. If Narcotica was a book, even an old scrawl, you wouldn’t be able to put it down. Dark and introspective and yet enchanting and fairylike, it inhabits grace within one spin or blow of the wand.