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Subsonic Premium - Lifetime License

Subsonic Artist

Access your ENTIRE music collection wherever you go, from any browser or smartphone. No more need to carry around a 2nd device for your music and no more dealing with iTunes!

We at the CTKME use Subsonic daily via the apps and the web interface.  It's pretty amazing -- you can access your entire digital library from any device, or any computer.  You will never have to carry a secondary device just to play your audio.  Stream it right from your smartphone!

It's also easy to share albums with friends, and you can give your friends access to stream direct from your account.

Got Sonos? Subsonic has great Sonos support.

How it works

You purchase the licence key from us, and then download the software from subsonic.org

Subsonic will receive your order and send you the license key within 24-48 hours -- they're really good about being fast.

The license key is valid for all eternity, and includes free upgrades of future Subsonic versions.

You probably already have some kind of external hard drive that houses all your digital audio.  If not you can certainly use your computer's hard drive, but 1TB external hard drives are super cheap these days - just buy one.

Once you install Subsonic, you'll tell Subsonic what directory your music is in.  

Finally, you'll need to configure your internet router to allow access to this port.  Don't worry -- it's safe and easy!  Subsonic provides all the instructions.

Once you have your license key, you'll set up your own personal URL to access your library via a browser or one of the apps (this will be your server address) -- it can be anything like mymusic.subsonic.org.

Paid vs Free versions

The basic version of Subsonic is free, you can download it whenever you want to kick the tires.  The premium features are available for 30 days so you can try them out before deciding to upgrade.

When you do purchase a license key, the Premium License will remove ads, and provide the following features:

- Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac, Chrome and more.

- Video streaming.

- Your personal server address: yourname.subsonic.org

- No ads in the web interface.

- Stream to your Chromecast and Sonos devices.

- Podcast receiver.

- Play your media on compatible DLNA/UPnP devices.

- Share your media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Give it a try -- you won't know what you did without it!