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Earth Heat Sound

First Communion Afterparty

Label: Picture In My Ear

Released: 2013


All single track downloads $1.00

1. Awakenings +1 WAV +1 FLAC
2. Jesus Told You +1 WAV +1 FLAC
3. Balloons +1 WAV +1 FLAC
4. Sleep Away +1 WAV +1 FLAC
5. Shone Brightly +1 WAV +1 FLAC
6. Field of Flowers/Spring Rite +1 WAV +1 FLAC
7. Color of My MInd +1 WAV +1 FLAC
8. Skinwalker +1 WAV +1 FLAC
9. Featherhead +1 WAV +1 FLAC
10. 21A +1 WAV +1 FLAC


Coming at you with eleven songs, Earth Heat Sound, lands November 2013. Starting off with ‘Awakenings’, a soundscape that builds and sets a mood that primes the pump, and then thrusts into ‘Jesus Told You’, one of the first songs released for the album. It’s full on with textures, layers and colors spraying the aura of your mind. One of my favorites on the album, ‘Sleep Away’, takes off like a train leaving the station. With it’s soaring bluesy guitar, it’s one that will pull you right into the hollow body, and have you resonating. The back and forth between the vocals and the guitar will send you into a haze. ‘Field of Flowers’ is another favorite track on the album, which has some really amazing percussion in it. That percussion, mixed with the swirling layers of guitar, makes it easy to find yourself lost in a trance in no time. It flows right into ‘Spring Rite’, and really, you have no idea there is more than one song here. Building, layers upon layers, moment after moment, until the climax blows the top off. The two songs really build off one another, and make for an amazing live jam possibility. ‘Skinwalker’ has some more very beautiful and haunting hollow body guitar work, and will have you closing your eyes and drifting away in daydreams. Right on it’s heels, is another favorite track, ‘Featherhead’. This one will throw it’s hooks deep down and pull you up. Carin’s vocals here are just angelic, and have you floating to the heavens. Enough to make the angels weep. Closing out the album, is the epic 15 minute jam, 21a. It’ll pass you by before you even know it. Dim the lights, turn it on and let it take you to the farthest reaches of your imagination. - floatinsideabubble.tumblr.com/