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1. Nadua
2. Sunday
3. Yellow Wallpaper
4. Baptism
5. Gout
6. Stay Inside
7. Tired Eyes
8. Golden String
9. Acrimony
10. Vulgar
11. Old Tree

An apt way to describe the sound on Philadelphia-based quartet’s self-titled sophomore release, Creepoid, is a noisy, hybrid basement jam session of Deerhunter, Nirvana, and Interpol, with a drunken Thom Yorke at the mic. As bizarre as that may sound, these extraneous influences are not at the forefront. Creepoid take a more gentle approach, soothing you with lush atmospheres and crooning atop wistful acoustic guitar chords and shoegaze overtones. It’s this omnipresent mood that makes Creepoid so appealing. None of the songs are outright catchy, nor are they purely noise. Rather, they drift within the ambiguous scope of lulling alternative ballads and noisy folk rock. The Interpol-esque “Gout” is the closest thing here to a straight-up rocker, mainly due to Patrick Troxell’s energetic drumming, but even then the serene background ambience eases your mind into a calming, tranquil state. “Tired Eyes” is the only time the album fully enters noise territory, with a wonderful acoustic build-up fit with trumpet and vocal harmonies, transforming itself halfway through into a loud, abrasive, yet wholly somber song before the noise fades out until the song’s final seconds. - sputnikmusic.com