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The Lost Album

Christian Bland and the Revelators

Label: Reverb Appreciation Society


1. Don't Talk Today
2. Jabberwocky
3. Flashing Signs
4. I See You
5. Emotionless Man
6. Ho Chi Min
7. Katy
8. Icy Gray
9. Wishing Well
10. Psychic Haze
11. Tallahassee Lassie
12. Don't Talk Today Pt. 2
13. Murder At My Lai

The Lost Album was originally recorded back in 2007 in an old Ice Cream factory with fellow Texan Greg Ashely. Unfortunately the songs went missing for several years before they were just recently discovered earlier in 2010. The upside of this story is that they have now been recently released in a limited CD version and hand numbered LP edition of only 333. The Lost Album is everything you would expect and brings tons of fuzzed up guitars, reverbed vocals and grinding tracks that sound as fresh today as they would have in 2007. The reality is that The Black Angels have a much wider audience now compared to 2007, which seems like a plus if you are Christian Bland & The Revelators because The Lost Album surly will be heard by more people and should be a must for fans of The Black Angels or this genre.