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The Young Sinclairs

Even though they display a fondness for tube-amps, 12-strings, tambourines, spring reverb, and the analogue sounds of decades past, The Young Sinclairsare far more than just a fleeting retro act. Ever since the band formed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke, Virginia in 2005, they have never veered from their original vision of creating harmonious pop tunes and unbridled rock excitement. They produce and record all of their own music in the personal all-analogue studio, The Mystic Fortress, and have concurrently been releasing albums themselves D.I.Y.-style and releasing them through a handful of different independent labels (Planting Seeds Records, Kindercore Records, and Chimney Sweep Records domestically - their latest two 7-inches are joint releases between France's Requiem Por Un Twister & Croque Madame Records).

Chief singer/songwriter Samuel J. Lunsford will make you a believer, taking the vibe of 60's heroes and truly making it his own. His voice, multi-talented musicianship and world-class songwriting have remained a constant throughout the band's tenure, often handling all the instruments and vocals on their records himself (Oh yes - the records. So far The Young Sinclairs have released two LP's, three 7-inches, seven CD's, two cassettes, and appeared on numerous compilations). John Thompson engineers and mixes the majority of their recordings and up until recently played drums for the group. Another prolific writer and multi-instrumentalist, in the band's new lineup he currently plays guitar, his main instrument, and is simply uncanny. Along with John, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Daniel Cundiff grew up in the green fields of Franklin County, known for its abundant White Lightning moonshine. Up until now, he mostly played bass exclusively in the group. Currently you're likely to hear him stepping up to the mic and singing more of his own compositions, playing acoustic guitar on many of them. Apart from Samuel, he is the other main singer/songwriter of the group. He concurrently plays drums in the group Eternal Summers. Samuel's older brother Joe now fills the drum seat. He grew up banging on Tupperware bowls as a toddler and graduated to a real drum kit at age 4. Him and Samuel have been playing music together all their life - and it shows. Apart from his masterful drumming, he also sings, writes, and plays guitar quite well. He is a genius sound engineer and built many of the band's amplifiers and recording equipment himself. Rounding out the lineup is bassist/guitarist Kyle Harris, who also plays in the group The Diamond Center. Kyle met Samuel years ago in Athens, Georgia where they played a pick-up gig together at the Georgia Theatre accompanying local singer/songwriter Ken Will Morton. They ran into each other again when The Young Sinclairs started playing in Athens, after which Kyle and the rest of The Diamond Center moved to Texas. They hooked up again when Kyle and the band left Texas for Richmond, Virginia, where Joe was living. Kyle is a kindred spirit and seemed destined to eventually start playing with The Young Sinclairs. So there it stands.

THE NAME-DROPPING PORTION OF THE BIO: The Byrds, Sire-era Flamin' Groovies, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Who,Love, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers,The Church, Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, early R.E.M., and various 60's cult acts like The Dovers and The 23rd Turnoff are just a portion of comparisons that often arise and serve as good reference points for the unfamiliar listener. As a Committee To Keep Music Evil affiliate, The Young Sinclairs have successfully toured with The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Australian group The Lovetones. They have also opened for 60's stoner legends Blue Cheer and Sweden's Dungen, among many others. The A-side of The Young Sinclairs' latest 7-inch single, "Hurt My Pride", was chosen by Steven Van Zandt as his "Coolest Song In The World" for Little Steven's Underground Garage radio show on March 3rd, 2012.

The Young Sinclairs are much more than just the sum of their influences, or their record collections. What they do is distinctlytheir own. They're a Rock & Roll band, first and last.