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The Asteroid #4

Originally forming in Philadelphia, but since relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area; The Asteroid #4 are longtime stalwarts of the arbitrarily coined "psych" genre. And although known for their reverb drenched recordings and requisite liquid projected live performances, the band prefers to be left uncategorized. Happily in acceptance of often comparisons to acts like Spacemen 3, Hawkwind or contemporaries, The Brian Jonestown Massace; the A4 consider themselves a mesh of many musical styles, including the occasional dip into early 70's California county rock. Remaining an active studio and live act since the late 1990's, the band is slated to release their self-titled record, The Asteroid #4. This, their 8th full-length album, is sure to please any fan of "Psychedelic" music with it's pastoral vibe, eastern tinged instrumentation, shoe-gazing balladry and fuzzed-out spacerock anthems. These, the elements of essentially every Asteroid #4 record.