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Engineer Man

The Young Sinclairs


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"These are prime jangle-pop cuts that stand up to some of the best that 1967 had to throw at us. The sound is part Byrds, part Beatles, part Nuggets compilation and a dose of early The Who for added powerpop force. It's not namby-pamby pop, it's powerpop, and 'Engineer Man' leads the way with delicious harmonies, crisp guitars and octopus-armed drumming; dislike it at your peril, this is timeless stuff. On the flip, 'Problems' delivers another flash of sunkissed psych-pop along similar lines, although toned-down just a touch. It's impossible not to think of The Byrds debut album which was instrumental (no pun intended) in setting the scene for the bands that would follow a couple of years on. The Young Sinclairs have nailed it here." -The Sound Of Confusion