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Strung Out In Heaven

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Label: TVT


1. Going to Hell
2. Let's Pretend It's Summer
3. Wasting Away
4. Jennifer
5. Got My Eye on You
6. Nothing to Lose
7. Love
8. Maybe Tomorrow
9. Spun
10. I've Been Waiting
11. Dawn
12. Lantern
13. Wisdom

It's with typical perversity that the Brian Jonestown Massacre makes the leap from the indie ghetto into the majors with their least immediate, most restrained record to date; given time to sink in, however, Strung Out in Heaven proves as engaging as their past efforts, with a focus and cohesiveness often lacking from their more visceral work. Settling into a blissfully psychedelic drift, the album opts not for the Stones-inspired raunch of before but for Byrds-like guitars, muffled drums and pulsating Hammond organ lines, all topped off by Anton Newcombe's half-stoned, half-shamanic vocals; thanks to standout tracks like "Going to Hell," "Wasting Away" and "Maybe Tomorrow," the cumulative impact makes for the BJM's most mature outing yet, evoking a kind of narcotic euphoria perfectly in keeping with the album's title.