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Just Like Kicking Jesus

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Label: 12 tonar / a records


1. Amazing Electronic Talking Cave
2. Amazing Electronic Talking Cave [English]
3. Just Like Kicking Jesus [Hungover Like Jesus...]
4. Just Like Kicking Jesus [Elsa Sings!]
5. Bring Me the Head of Paul McCartney...

Recorded in Reykjavik as a split release between Icelandic indie label 12 Tonar and Anton Newcombe's A Records label, the Just Like Kicking Jesus EP borrows the absurdly titled "Bring Me the Head of Paul McCartney on Heather Mill's Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs on the White House)" from 2008's shoegaze-inspired My Bloody Underground, and bundles the song with two alternate versions of "Just Like Kicking Jesus" from the same album. Stripped down, the similarities to My Bloody Valentine's "I Only Said" become even more evident, and fans may find the mellower takes on the song worthwhile, but the main draw to BJM completists will be the two versions of the previously unreleased "Amazing Electronic Talking Cave." The first, the "Learn to Speak Icelandic You Smug Shit Version," features the gentle soprano of Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir, while the second features Newcombe on vocals, shrouded in reverberation, sing-speaking over a driving repetition of guitar drones.  - Jason Lymangrover