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Strangers Family Band

Strangers Family Band

Label: Xemu Records


1. Yaer Time
2. Starship To The Sun
3. Elle S. Dee
4. Mary Jane
5. Cosmic Wine
6. Moonberry Jelly Jam
7. Jenny 3003

Debut release from Los Angeles band who play epic, swirling psychedelic rock with gorgeously soft, trippy pop overtones. The band's authentic sound succinctly captures the core of consciousness-expanding 60s-influenced rock. This is cloud-floating, neon rainbow- splattered, head and hip-sway music that permeates the eternal outer space brain-cave with an engulfing flow of kaleidoscopic bliss. Recalls bands like Spiritualized, Mmoss, Beatles, Baby Woodrose, Bubble Puppy, the Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre,Procol Harum. Probably the best pure hippy psychedelic album I've heard this year. --Excellent-- Amazon.com customer review