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Way of Things

Matt Tow

Label: Xemu Records


1. Night And Day
2. It's Gonna Be Alright
3. Crazy Ramblin' Broken Heart
4. When I Get To Sydney
5. Seven Days
6. Worlds Collide
7. Sail Tonight
8. Just Got Back
9. I Love My Brother

The debut solo album from this Australian artist starts with an epic, 12 minute, post-psychedelic pop ballad that's stunningly gorgeous, peaceful & powerful. Then comes some mid-tempo rock with a subtle Dylan/Americana feel that adds an expansive Southwest choral twist. Next is gospel/country/folk/psychedelic pop balladry; with vocals that recall David Bowie, flowing, key-boards and pedal steel guitar. You'll also hear harmonium & autoharp drones, which add anethnic element to the celestial pop overtones and psychedelic pop trails. Tow has made music with Drop City, Colorsound & the Lovetones. Overall, "Night and Day" is filled with Americana-touched, soaring psychedelic singer/songwriter tunes that have a large-scope, but personal and gripping emotional appeal. Kind of like Spiritualized hanging in the country air.