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Peel It

Indian Jewelry

Label: Reverb Appreciation Society


1. Freak Pride
2. See Forever
3. Eva Cherie
4. Against Nature
5. How Long
6. Guns
7. Vital Lately
8. Heart Of A Dog
9. Slouchback With Gills
10. Don't Fear The Future
11. Oh Jean

“Indian Jewelry … seem to permanently inhabit a sensual, raw netherworld where curls of smoke drift before your eyes. While not exactly goth, their sound is dark and sort of organically industrial, a soft, ritualistic dronecore conjured from yawning electronic noise, tumbleweed guitar, and disco beats. It’s a growling, prowling, synthetic powwow stomp, glamorous in every sense of the word, but you won’t need a sage or a sigil to figure it out. This is tantric, orgasmic, blood-warming, bone-rattling music, and I’d give my firstborn to join their cult.” -- =Liz Armstrong, Chicago Reader