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Warble Womb

Dead Meadow

Label: Xemu Records


1. Six To Let The Light Shine Thru
2. 1000 Dreams
3. Mr. Chesty
4. I'm Cured
5. Warble Womb I
6. Yesterday's Blowin' Back
7. One More Toll Taker
8. Rains In The Desert
9. Burn The Here And Now
10. All Torn Up
11. In The Thicket
12. Copper Is Restless ('Til It Turns To Gold)
13. Warble Womb II
14. This Song Is Over
15. September

6th full studio album and first of returning original drummer Mark Laughlin since 2002 by Washington, DC now Los Angeles transplants psych rockers Dead Meadow. Double LP on vibrant red vinyl!!!