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The Early Days

The Early Days was formed in 2007. Taking inspiration from both 60s psychedelic pop and the 90s shoegazing scene, The Early Days build upon a tradition of guitar-based, melodic pop music with floating vocals and dreamy guitars.

The band started their career proper in autumn 2008 by releasing a self-titled EP with five tracks. The songs were recorded at Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm, Sweden. The EP has spread all over the world through the internet and radio stations in Australia, USA, UK, Germany and France. Six months before the release of their first EP the band did their first gig. The choice of location was nothing less than the famous rock club Debaser in Stockholm. From the outset, The Early Days showed that they were a live band to be reckoned with. Since then it has become scattered gigs both in Sweden and abroad. They have been support for Crystal Stilts, The Drones and the Black Lips. During the summer of 2009 they toured in Germany, starting out as support to New Zealand cult band The Bats at the Bang Bang Club in Berlin. During the same tour The Early Days were the opening act at the festival “Shoegaze Weekender” in Hamburg. In the audience were shoegazerlegend Mark Gardener from Ride. He was impressed by their sound and proposed a collaboration. The timing was perfect. The band had recently completed another recording session at Studio Gröndahl and sent over the un-mixed material to Mark to work with. The result was the songs “Fall” and “Shee”. Currently the band have three releases out, The Early EP 2008, Contraries EP 2010 and a 7” single released on Black Glove Recordings 2010. 

After that the band have released the full lenth album "The Early Days" and right after splitting up they released the EP "Expectations" that will set the last mark for The Early Days.